Teanga / Language

Teanga / Language​

Conradh na Gaeilge LA helps people gain fluency in Irish, Scottish, and Manx.

Sundays: 11:00 - 1pm Jennifer Pennifer, Palms

1:30 - 2:30pm Lutheran Zion Church, Glendale

Tues: 4 - 6pm  Starbucks, Thousand Oaks, Westlake Bld.

Thurs: 5:30 -7:30 Coffee Cartel, Redondo Beach.

The term Gaelic often causes confusion.

For this reason, we refer to the languages in English as Irish, Scottish, & Manx and in their own languages as Gaeilge, Gàidhlig, & Gaelg.


Our language courses are progressive and efficient with an emphasis on immersion and fun.

Contact cnaglosangeles@gmail.com for any questions you may have about our work of where to learn Irish, Scottish, or Manx.



Irish​ Immersion Weekend

        On the last weekend in May (Bealtaine)

we run the Irish Immersion Weekend tradition in LA.

Based on a model that is already successful in other parts of the US, the Deireadh Seachtaine Gaeltachta is a weekend devoted to immersion in Irish language and culture. It has been highly successful.
​Teachers are flown in to teach. One of the regular teachers is from the Donegal Gaeltacht (Irish-speaking region), in 2016 we were granted a Fulbright scholar and poet to teach on the course leading to the happy result of having teachers with each of the main dialects teaching.

This weekend involves poetry, drama, music, hurling, art, and lots of fun.

Find out more  here.


Irish, Scottish & Manx​

Lessons are available in 5  locations around LA.

1st session consists of a 15-week course  is free.

Resources For Courses:

Irish 1:Progress in Irish

Easy Irish


Irish 2 & Irish 3

Gaeilge Gan Stró Beginners Level.

Future Learn Irish


Irish 4 & 5

Gaeilge Gan Stró Intermediate level.

Irish 6 +

Turas Teanga


TEG prep

Scottish (Gàidhlig) Online Resources

Complete Gaelic

A Buntús Style Series

Speak Our Language

Manx Online resources

Manx Course 1

Manx Course 2


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