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Céilí Rua to Céilí Nua

Céilí Rua was our original Céilí Troupe. It is on hiatus at the moment and from it has grown Céilí Nua, a group performing both traditional and innovative new dances. They continue the tradition of the free monthly Céilí to live music 

 from The Ploughboys on the1st Wednesday of each month at Joe's Great American Bar & Grill, Burbank.

Help Online:

Here are some dances to practice to get ready for your Céilí experience http://rincifoirne.blogspot.com/


Erin Ealy founded the dance division of Conradh na Gaeilge in LA. The name Céilí means together and it suggests a gathering in which dancing takes place. It is also a specific type of traditional Gaelic dancing that involves people dancing in groups for social enjoyment.

The word Rua usually means red-haired but it also has the meaning 'wild.' A Céilí Rua then is a wild get-together for dancing. It stresses the fun element of the activity.

As the Céilí Rua began at The Wilde Thistle Café in Culver City, a café that honored Oscar Wilde, the name Céilí Rua was born. We hope Erin can return soon. We miss her. Liana and Melanie keep the dancing and our dancing tradition going with Céilí Nua that stretches the boundaries of Irish Dance.  



Dance Workshops / Shows​


Céilí Nua works with the local community presenting workshops at libraries, community centers, schools, universities etc. all over Los Angeles. They are available for shows and events.

Many Styles
Gaelic traditional dancing encompasses many styles. It is the aim of Céilí Nua to teach students many different styles:

Céilí (group)

Step soft & hard shoe dancing

Set (low-impact) dancing

Sean-nós (old style)

As well as dances from Scotland & the Isle of Man

Apart from all that, choreography is all about being creative and it is good hands here. 

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